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  • I have multiple authors in my blog. What I would like to do is give each authors articles a specific color on the main page. (i.e. Bob’s articles are blue, Amy’s articles are red.) I’ve installed the Per Post CSS Styles plugin, but this only applies to the authors pages. I’d really like the authors to have different colors per article on the main page. This way you could tell at a glance who’s article is who’s.
    I would also like the comments area to have a subtle color shift from comment to comment. Kind of like how the forums work here.
    Does anyone have any ideas or directions they can point me for this?

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    For the comments:
    Alternate comment colours
    Colour comments by author
    Comment Author Styles
    Not sure how you can do the first, but then someone could pop along in a minute with a solution 🙂

    podz; thanks for those links, they were very informative and helpful.
    I’ve been doing quite a bit of searching around, looking for any information on coloring authors articles (I’m new to WP, so I had to start learning from somewhere). I’m coming up dry every time, but I’m learning lots more about WP. It just doesn’t look like anyone has done what I’m looking to do, which I personally think is a nifty keen idea for multiple authors. So I got to thinking, why not ask if someone would like to make a plugin that does exactly what I want (I really don’t know enough to do this myself)? I’m willing to work out some kind of reward for designing this (money, beer, DVDs, exploding furbies, flash cards of Lady Godiva, whatever, it can all get worked out ahead of time), I mean just because something is Open Source doesn’t mean you have to work for free right? This way whomever wants to do this can get something besides kudos. And if more than one person wants to have a go, I’m sure we can work something out as well.
    What my needs are is something akin to Per-Post Styles found at -but thats not quite it.
    I will have a total of four authors at my blog, I would like each author to have a different color (background) for the articles they write, that appear on the main page.
    Bob’s articles are Blue
    Amy’s articles are Red
    Joe’s articles are Green
    Sue’s articles are Yellow
    What would be an idea solution, in my mind at least, and would add the most flexibility to the plugin, is if this were somehow controlled through CSS, with minimal messing around in the PHP code. I also think that it would really add to flexibility for other users is if the “header” and “footer” area of each authors article could also be controlled by CSS.
    Let me use Bob as an example;
    -header-(date, title, filled under, etc) = Dark Blue background w/ white text
    -body-(article text) = Light Blue background w/ black text
    -footer-(comments link, etc) = Dark Blue background w/ white text
    I hope that makes sense, it would be as if each article would be it’s own box.
    While we are at it, it’s not a bad idea to lift the Per-Post Styles idea, and have it apply as well. So that when users select a single author everything is styled to that author. I don’t have permission to lift this for use in another plugin, so we’d have to ask first or start from scratch.
    Now if I’ve really made a mess of things, and have confused you let me know. I can always make a quick graphic that shows what I’m after.
    You can either contact me through the forum here or email me and thanks for reading my mess.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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