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  • Where did you download this theme from? It is NOT the original Twenty Eleven theme.

    Hi esmi,

    its customised yes. but based on twenty eleven. I have added the twenty eleven author.php to it but its just creating a loop as im sure you have seen.

    Any ideas on where to go with this?


    its customised yes

    That is so different that it is now a completely new, custom, theme. Have you reviewed author templates?

    True 😉

    I have indeed reviewed that doc. If you look at the homepage where it says ‘Blue Ventures’ (just under the categories)

    That was created by adding <?php the_author_posts_link(); ?></p>

    I have also used that sample template code for author.php and added it to the theme files but its not working.

    It’s odd as clearly the functionality is there but its just not creating the page correctly.

    Very stuck.

    I’ve used almost identical code in author.php files in multiple themes and they’ve all worked for me. In what way isn’t it working for you?

    If you try the test link I have set up you will see.
    >Click on ‘Blue Ventures’ below category.

    it tries to link you to this

    but just loops you back to the home page.

    I would like a page with that authors user information and other posts etc.


    Like ?

    The template code for that page can be found at

    thanks for that link, something like that would be great!!!

    I added that code to author.php but it still has the same issue. Any link to site/author/authorname just does not resolve anything and loops to home page.

    could there be something else causing this not to work?


    I think there has to be something outside of that template file creating the problem. Do you have any active plugin? Are there any secondary Loops running in your sidebar etc? What is in your root .htaccess file

    found the issue. It was the WordPress SEO plug in messing up the author page.

    Thanks for your help!

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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