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  • Hi guys,

    I’m looking to login to a WordPress installation via a URL to the site. I’ve seen this functionality with password reset plugins where they email you a link that when clicked on it will take you right to your profile page. I’d like to get the same functionality but not to reset the password. How is this accomplished? Is a plugin necessary?

    Extra Info: We have a situation where we’re using an SIS system for internal use and WordPress for a website. While they are different entities, the WordPress site has been configured to authenticate against the SIS system so the username/passwords are the same.

    I’d like to make the SIS system the main entry point to everything. When a user logs in to the system I’d like to put links to protected parts of the WP site on there, which can direct them to resource without requiring another login (with the same credentials).

    How can this be accomplished?

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