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  • angsuman


    This WordPress plugin (tested on 1.5.x & 2.0) will make your blog accessible only to logged in users.

    A must-have for paid-content publishers and privacy concerned bloggers.

    This is a simple zero configuration plugin. It allows you to view any content, if and only if you are logged in.

    Use Cases
    Paid Content Publishers
    If you want to use WordPress to display paid-content to your users then this plugin is for you. It allows you to display your articles only to registered users. You can prevent non-paying users from registering on your blog by unchecking Anyone can register checkbox in Options / General screen. And then you can manually register the paying members (Users / Authors & Users screen under Add New Users section) who will then have access to site contents.

    Private Bloggers
    If you want to make your blog accessible to few people only (like family and/or friends) then this plugin is for you.

    If you are writing on senstive topics which may cause problem in your professional / personal life then you can use this plugin to restrict access to the contents of this blog. Only you and your selected users will have access to the contents.

    This plugin makes the whole blog inacccessible for non-logged in users including search engines. So long this plugin is active your blog contents will be inaccessible to search engines.

    Read more and download: Angsuman’s Authenticated WordPress Plugin – Password Protection for Your WordPress Blog

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  • ian2


    Very cool!






    does anybody know how i could achieve the following?

    for posts requiring user level x (‘2’ for example):
    * on the main index or an archive page, unregistered/unlogged in users see the excerpt and boilerplate language indicating registration is required to see the full post
    * only logged in users of level x or greater can see the full post on the single post page. everyone else sees the boilerplate message (w/ excerpt at top if this is possible).

    in other words, i’d like to tease ‘paid content’ using excerpts, just the way or any newspaper site does. however this plugin and others i have looked at show nothing at all users with an inadequate level.

    ideally i’m looking for something that is or will soon be compatible with wordpress 2.0 but am interested in 1.5.2 solutions too.

    i envision the solution would either be a plugin that does this outright or a way of selectively implementing (active for single post template but inactive for main index and archive templates) a standard view level plugin.

    more details on what i’m looking for here:

    thanks in advance for any help



    I have a solution for you. Contact me directly at angsuman[at]taragana[dot]com

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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