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  • Hi,

    I’ve encountered a problem and found no solution so far. I have a bilingual website and have set each language on a separate domain. Both domains point to the same directory and everything runs fine. I need users to be logged in to view the website and therefore to log in.

    However, I’m trying to use auth_redirect(), which makes users log in and then go back to the page they were on. This works fine on the main/first domain (let’s call it domainA): I go there, log in, and am redirected to the page. However, if I go to domainB and am redirected to the login page, it is the domainA/wp-login.php (with redirect to the domainB page) that shows up. If I log in, it sends me back to domainB, which detects me as not logged in, and sends me back to the login page (loop).

    I thought this was due to the Private-WP plugin some else installed, but it just calls auth_redirect(). Changing this to another method (wp_redirect and specifying the domainB/wp-login.php) doesn’t help. I’ve tried disabling all plugins except Polylang and still get this problem.

    Any ideas?

    WP 4.0
    PLL 1.5.5

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  • Any ideas on this? I’m starting to think my only solution is to have two completely separate WP installations.

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