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  • Hi,

    I run the website of a not-for-profit music service and we need a way to offer audition slot booking online.

    In an ideal world…

    we want users to be able to:

    – Select their instrument category
    – See the available audition time slots over a day or two for that category
    – Sign up for a slot, providing their name and email address

    we then want:

    – That slot to be shown as unavailable / removed
    – To be able to access / export a record of auditions booked
    – To be able to easily email all those who have signed up

    However I’m aware that that may not all be possible within the constraint that this solution must be free as we are a not-for-profit.

    I have looked at all appointment booking plugins I could find but no free versions seem suitable for us just to sign people up for auditions.

    Is anyone aware of a plugin that could help us? I am reasonably confident at modifying plugins, but nothing too complex.

    One simpler idea I had was that it might be possible to have an editable table where cells become locked after they have been edited (i.e. after someone has signed up for a slot). Is anyone aware of a plugin that could help with that?

    I’m also open to any ideas that the wordpress community may have. I feel that there must be other organizations similar to us who would love to have a simple way to sign people up for auditions through wordpress!


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