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  • Is there a plugin that anyone has or can post that will display your audioscrobbler songs on a WP site?

    I’ve seen a 2 online, but the links to their respective sites are both now defunct.


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  • If you’re just looking to display an image that shows what you’re currently playing, you may want to check out

    And yes, it’s plugin works fine next to Audioscrobbler. I use both. 🙂

    Actually i was looking more for a last 10 songs played…

    I will also check out your link. Thanks.

    ping – you can likely use CG-FeedRead to display the list. I seem to recall I’ve tried the top doz or so XML-based sites (like AS, Flickr, delicious, etc.) at some point with FeedRead, and it may not be the most ‘pretty’ of the aggregators, but it’s fast and easy.

    lemme know if you need help. you can also get me at cgcode at chait dot net if needed.


    Honestly, I’ve contemplated your package David.

    But honestly, I want something simple or dedicate plugin.

    You package is quite cumbersome to even contemplate. Maybe someday when I want to get fancy.

    Thanks so much David.

    No problem. Realize that every ‘dedicated’ plugin that accesses an XML/RSS stream of some sort is duplicating functionality – and may be missing certain functionality (such as caching of the stream). CG-FeedRead is far from ‘fancy’; it’s actually designed to be a very basic XML/RSS processor, aggregator, link-creator, etc.

    I’m not sure what’s cumbersome about CG-FeedRead, though some folks find uploading the cg-plugins folder somehow more complex (which with any good ftp program, it’s a drag and drop). Yes, under the hood, there are more files involved — then again, anything you use that bases off of Magpie not only has MANY more files involved, but uses much more cpu/ram in processing (at least from what I understand…).

    Any time you want to take a look, just ping me at my site.


    Thanks David,

    I actually just hooked up WP-Scrobbler which seems to work great out of the box.

    I do like a lot of your plugins and I am sure in the future will be checking them out. Your site is abuntant with great information…

    Thanks so much.

    if you’re still looking for a Audioscrobbler/Wordpress plugin to list your 10 most recent tracks, check out:

    Is there any plugin available that can parse XML-files like this?:

    That would be awesome! The XML-feeds from Audioscrobbler even contain links to albumcovers

    I developed just another AudioScrobbler Plugin called Scrobbler, you can find it here:

    It features easy configuration and, hold to your seat, AJAX.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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