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  • Great plugin. Loving the template system! I think its great when I can customize things in my own theme folder instead of hacking a plugin. That is just awesome!

    I’m finding myself wanting a playlist though. I like the fact that I can click on an mp3 in the content and the Audiobar plays it right away, but is there also a way to incorporate a playlist for people who just want to browse the available audio files in a particular directory?

    There is another plugin that offers this functionality ( but it has major issues with how it creates the permalinks and ends up breaking my theme. The only thing I do like about the n3rdskwat-mp3player is the playlist option (it allows you to choose a directory in the admin panel, then all the mp3 files you place in that directory will show in the playlist).

    Thanks again for your time and the development of a great plugin! 🙂

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  • Exactly the same for me : the only thing missing is a playlist option…

    But congratulations because it’s by far the best mp3 player (bar – like) for wordpress.

    Plugin Author carlocapocasa


    Hi you two!

    That’s a real great idea… I’ve got something like that cooking in my mind but it might be a while until it gets round to being implemented.

    Thanks for using your ideas to help make audiobar better!

    Best, Carlo


    Is it so that the plugin can only fetch the latest audio from a post? I’ve tried everything but cannot have the audiobar to play more than 1 song. Thank you for developing this plugin.

    same here

    same here… I will try to put 3 or 4 files together as 1 file. This should solve this problem.

    However, i have another question. I know, most people don’t appreciate autoplay, but in my case it would be usefull.

    I’ve read your advises for autoplay here:

    but unfortunately i’m maybe too blonde to understand ;o)

    What exactly do i have to do?

    By the way: I’m very happy for audiobar and thank you for developing it. This is what i’ve been looking for since long time.

    And sorry for my english… :o)

    Merry Christmas

    Hi qtpros and orenlebbo,

    Sorry for the extremely delayed response! Carlo and I have been working hard on Audiobar and it’s sometimes hard to get to the forums.

    Audiobar will only play content that’s listed on the front page of your blog. Any mp3 files you link to on your front page (by either just posting the URL or hiding the URL with <a href=""> tags) will show a PLAY button next to them and, when clicked, it will play just that one song. If there is more than one song on the page, you will have to play each song manually.

    Does this answer your questions?

    We are currently working on playlist options and hopefully that will come to fruition soon…



    Carlo and I are glad you enjoy the plugin! Thanks for waiting – we are working hard to make audiobar beautiful.

    To “hack” audiobar to autoplay, you have to create a new file, put some code in it, and put it in a specific folder.

    First, open up “notepad” or “notepad++”. A program like this will let us edit code. Paste this code into the new file:
    <?php $autoplay=1; include ABSPATH."wp-content/plugins/audiobar/templates/audiobar-bar.php";

    Now, save the file as “audiobar-bar.php – and remember, instead of saving it with a .txt extension, replace .txt with .php

    You can put that file on your desktop for now. Now find your WordPress installation (whether it’s on your own server or hosted by wordpress or DreamHost, etc.) There will be a folder for your website (in my case, and inside that you will find a folder called wp-content. Then you will find the themes folder. Inside the themes folder, look for the folder of the theme that you are using. Put the audiobar-bar.php file in that folder.

    If you don’t know how to get into your wordpress installation, I can give you some instructions to do that. In short, download FileZilla – an FTP program. Once you open it, put your website in the field titled “host” and use your server username and password to log in. Then you can edit the files like I’ve instructed.

    Hope this is all clear! I will be trying to monitor the forums more closely in the future.


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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