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[ Plugin: Audiobar] adds /#/ to every page & post address

  • Ive installed audiobar on a site that is not yet launched, which will include music from possibly hundreds of artists. It all works fine, but there is a problem which probably relates to the iframes it uses.

    Audiobar appears to add this to each address: #/

    example: http://www.domain.com/#/page-title instead of http://www.domain.com/page-title

    There is one other thing it does, it adds a piece of code to the homepage links which is only visible when you hover over them, from all pages…

    example: http://www.domain.com/?audiobar-home instead of http://www.domain.com

    Both these issues will obviously cause havoc with search engines, so I’ll have to remove it if we cant resolve this, so please send any suggestions my way if you have any idea how to fix this! Plus, if there are any alternative players which do the same thing (allow you to continue playing tracks whilst browsing the site), please also let me know. I cant seem to find any others.


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  • Has this issue every been addressed somewhere? I’m having difficulties with this “#” being put into every URL. It messes up the online shopping cart really bad. Is there a way to auto-resume the music without adding the #, or by cleaning the URL with some added javascript? I saw where another music player does this really well, but I can’t figure out how to apply it to the Audiobar.

    Example Audio player can be seen at http://www.wise100doors.com

    See below code (that has nothing to do with Audiobar – it’s just an example).

    window._MUSICPLAYER_FRAME = 1;

    Change the target of all external links in the main frame to _parent, so that they
    will break this frameset when clicked.
    function updateLinks() {
    We need to make sure that links to other member sites also break the frameset, so we use a fancy regex
    which strips a URL down to being only its hostname and directory path (not including its filename). If the
    regex returns the same string for the current location and the link, then we assume that the link is local.

    try {
    var result = window.location.href.match(‘[^:]+://([^/]+.*)/[^/]*’);
    var thisURLMatch = result[1];

    for (var i=0; i < window.mainFrame.document.links.length; i++) {
    result = window.mainFrame.document.links[i].href.match(‘[^:]+://([^/]+.*)/[^/]*’);
    if (result != null) {
    if (result[1] != thisURLMatch)
    if (window.mainFrame.document.links[i].target == “”) {
    window.mainFrame.document.links[i].target = “_parent”;
    catch (ex) {}

    Poll the main frame to detect when it has changed URL.
    When it does, call updateLinks()
    function monitor(force) {
    try {
    // Make sure the other frame is loaded
    if (window.frames[0] == null) return;

    if (!window.mainFrame.document) return;
    if (!window.mainFrame.document.links) return;

    if (typeof(force) != “undefined” || document.title != window.mainFrame.document.title) {
    document.title = window.mainFrame.document.title;

    // Poll every 1 second (1000 ms)
    } catch (ex) {}


    I’m having the same problem. Please, has anyone found a solution?

    Same here’ where are the gurus

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