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    Hello, I really like the look, layout and features of your plugin, however I cannot see if it allows audio, video and images to be inserted into the hover tooltips. This would be essential to me as I am working on a language site and would like definitions to appear with a picture/video and for example a speaker icon a user could click to hear pronunciation.
    A couple of the other tooltip plugins I have researched have this feature, however I could not tell if yours did. Please let me know as I am interested in purchasing.

    Thanks for your time.

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  • Hi,
    years ago our plugin had this support in a different premium plan that we removed as no one was using it (for soundcloud and youtube as I can remember).
    Also, we saw that had some issues on UI and also require a mouse so on mobile needed a different interface.

    At the end tooltips allows just plain text to avoid conflicts with themes, issues with hover that sometimes happens with some page builders and so on.

    So we don’t offer this feature to avoid compatibility issues and other troubles that require too much time to fix the issues for all the cases.

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    Thanks for the quick reply and information. I will look elsewhere.


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    Hi Daniele, I’m sorry to reopen this question, but I was wondering is it possible to use iframes in the tooltips?

    I’m wondering if that would be a good compromise to do what I need to do and not create compatibility issues and extra work for codeat.

    I’ve only found one other potential tooltip that can do what I need, but your plugin is the most mobile friendly I have found so far.

    Thanks again for your time.

    You can use the filter glossary_tooltip_html that let you alter the tooltip content and inject whatever you want

    Consider anyway that an iframe on desktop with tooltips is an issue. Example you open the tooltip with hover, press play and move the cursor away the tooltip is closed but the music is still on. And multiply for any tooltip’s iframe that is turned on play.

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    I understand. Would it be possible to reduce that issue by having desktop tooltips on click instead of hover then?

    Probably yes but this wouldn’t stop the user to start 2 players at the same time.
    When iframe’s players are embedded they don’t stop the other one as they are in sandbox.

    Infact when we had this plugin support we deal it with APIs of youtube and soundcloud and created an external player (in a corner of the page) that manage them but it was to complicate to maintain.

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    Hi again Daniele, happy new year to you. Thanks for the confirmation and information you provided.

    One last thing I would like to check with you. My host has a listing of plugins rated by their impact on websites they host. The ratings are from FAST (best) to SEVERE (worst).

    Glossary is listed as severe. Can you comment on why that may be? Usually it’s to do with jQuery and poor implementation by whoever is using the plugin. I’d just like to be sure there are ways to optimize and best practices to keep a website running quickly with Glossary. Or maybe the host is mistaken and I can ask them to re-evaluate the rating.

    Thanks again.

    This is a question for a new thread.
    Anyway I have no idea what they mean with severe, I mean they are talking about assets loaded in the page? About if the plugin is slow on rendering from the server? It is difficult to say without any information about how they evaluate this rating.

    What I can say that the plugin can be heavy with shared hosting not very powerful with thousands of terms without a cache as does a query for all the terms in every page is executed the plugin.

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    Thanks Daniele and sorry about not starting a new thread. I understand and if I encounter any issues with site speed, etc. I will work with my host and codeat as necessary.

    Thank you for your plugin and support, I grabbed a lifetime license.

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