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  • No- But I would presume you would just be sending an mp3 file, which could be placed on Amazon S3 just like any other digital file and delivered upon the sale. I deliver mp4 files which are much larger files than audio files.

    Files need to be laced on the client server.
    So they have to be protected and then when paid for allow for download link.

    At list that what I would think need to be

    Am i asking something unreasonable.

    As to Amazon S3 I never use it before can u clue me in?
    is it cost anything to a client?


    This is what the Niaz premium shopping cart does- delivers a protected link that they can then download after paying for it-except currently mine has stopped delivering as it is supposed to, and I am desperately waiting on NIAZ to show up on this forum and correct it. In as far as s3 is concerned- you will have to do more research on this if you are not aware, as the walk through on understanding this is more than I can give right now.

    Thanx JC
    I just tested Music Store Free version ( I would by PRO if I am sure it work.
    I tested free version and I am disappointed so far.
    I modify CSS to accommodate design and insert 4 test songs .
    I try to by one and PayPall transfer and back worked fin, but
    It came back to empty page where download link suppose to be generated and notification emails must bee sent that did not work
    I will email person I am dealing with and may be he advise me on how to fix issue.
    If it work for me I let you know and may be u will be able to use it as well
    R=Thanx for info..


    Plugin Author n.showket


    Hi Alev — what you have done is correct….but on the email body ( on the settings page ) you have to use the short code, which you forgot to add.

    Get the premium, everything will be fine….you can also secure your pdf with my premium.
    people normally sells that with extra price.


    Alev- It’s worth getting the PRO version, and NIAZ does provide good back up. He was away for some of this week for a well earned rest, but he resolved my problem even while he was on holiday, which was my fault anyway.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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