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  • here’s an idea/request for a mod or plugin for WP ..if someone came up with the correct mod surely would win 😉 the plug in contest here at WP


    I want to add a mod/option so members can record and post audio – this would be the same as a text post or comment but they could include a voice message with it such as a mp3 or wav.

    i know there is audioblogger and audioblog but they have their limitations .. for 1) they have to make a LD phone call ..2) AudioBlog requires a subcriptions and ..3) you need to use their limited space.. 4) they dont allow team audio posting

    i would like anyone (with my permissions) to be able to record their message right there on the blog (most people wont take the time to record on their computer not to mention that they dont even know they can) i need a hack to simplify the process for them…

    thank you!


    ps ..if you are not sure what i am talking about please ask me ..i really want this hack ..also i am posting it under 2 topics (forgive me) – (would be a great option to be included the next WP too)

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  • isnt someone gonna jump on this challenge? Matt? this would be such a great option and to a programmer a simple solution, at least i think so?

    I don’t know if you have checked here:

    This is a list of plugins that deal with audio.

    What you are asking is to have a plugin that either features recording capabilities or hooks to a recording capable software which would then only be on the machines/servers that has that software. It is a very technical and specific request. Maybe someday, but for now, the above link features some plugins that might help and maybe, if you search the internet, you might find more.

    Realistically, recordings take up a lot of space and are not of very good quality on most computers…yet. They are improving, though. Someone with such a site would have to have a lot of bandwidth and space.

    Bandwidth/space considerations seem, to me, diminished on today’s web. That’s for the producer and the readership to determine, how much you want to up/download. Podcasting is a now-common example. Good podcasts with servers of means now distribute gigabytes daily to hundreds of listeners in a range of quality up to near-CD.

    Recording quality – I see what you mean, Lorelle, in that the users of the site will have a variety of microphones (if any) on home PC’s. If you’re talking podcast (producer to audience), it’s like bandwidth — it’s totally up to the producer how big you want to make your files. For audio commenting, you’d have variety of quality because of variety of recording input conditions. If it’s the case that cafeRg actually wants to permit his team to submit ‘blog’ via computer recording, rather than allowing any random new site visitor, he could establish similar recording set-ups at his team’s workstations.

    The technical part, to me, would be getting a record-software interface into your site. That’s the part I would think throws a wrench.

    thanks for your input Lorell and Dgold ..i checked the plugins from the link but didnt see anything and i search everyday..

    perhaps your right recording on a site takes up a lot of bandwidth (wonder how much per 1mb of finished product? the same?) ..i use PowWeb Hosting which is offered via WordPress and get a hefty 10GIG a day/300GIG a month ..that seems like plenty, yes? and if that got used up i would think it would become afforable to buy more or even a dedicated server.

    perhaps it just isnt offered yet, though with the growing popularity of podcasting and videocasting perhaps it will be soon or people will just become more aware of what their computer offers in way of multimedia.

    well keep your eyes looking, i do feel an option like this will be a HOT ITEM to come. Wouldnt it be great to have this on the next WordPress? 😉

    that’s cool ngabrish.
    I don’t have voicemail>email yet, is Vonage the way to go (why)?

    Vonage has worked for me so far. It is not without it’s problems though. I switched for the price the voicemail and online tools were just a nice extra for me. If you do a lot of long distance calling some VOIP solution, Vonage or otherwise is proabably a good idea.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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