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  • Does anyone know the ins and outs if audio player, I have the plug-in installed and activated, I have my music file downloaded to the server in the audio file, the plug-in recognizes the audio file and I can get the title to show up on my page but no player, when I click on the title a popup menu asks if I want to save the file to my pc or open with realplayer (which I have recently deleted), I’ve ticked and unticked the visitor allowed to download from page make no change, the wp_header() and the wp_footer() codes are in the php files, shouldn’t there be a player on my page? any and all help will be greatly appreciated…William

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  • Can you play Youtube videos and the like? You may not have a Flash browser plugin installed, or possibly not a new enough version.

    Unless your music file is a proprietary Real Audio file, such as .rm or .ra. Gee, I just looked at Real Audio’s site, and I noted that they play Flash now. This seems unlikely, but if Real Audio has a browser plugin that plays Flash, and you uninstalled it, maybe that’s it.

    Good luck,

    I think they are .ram, is that why it wont work? I have adobie flash, adobie flash 10 X etc. do I need to get a different type of audio

    How about that, I guess I nailed it, even though I accidentally was talking about another WP audio player, WPAudio. 🙂

    I used to use Real Audio files back in the day myself, but haven’t even run across one in a long time, as they were pretty much crushed, unfortunately, by MS and other competitors.

    Audio Player 2 is very much geared towards playing MP3’s. Take a look at the doc, nothing but MP3’s, so I doubt it handles anything else.

    Indeed, there may be a Flash-oriented player that handles Real Audio, but none that I’m aware of, and I’m sure you can find converters to make MP3 from Real Audio if you search.

    Good luck, Dave

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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