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    Hi all-

    I have a (very) small jukebox set up on my site. Using my default browser (FF,) all of my “httpa://” links appear and they function flawlessly. However, just for t*ts and giggles, I accessed the page using Chrome browser and much to my dismay, my favorite forgotten songs list wouldn’t display the control bars. I’m using the Tablepress plugin to list my selections, so that might be a factor as to why the control bars aren’t displaying, but like I said, they work fine in FF.
    Any ideas?

    Thanks all.


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  • Interestingly enough, I have a local copy of this running on XAMPP. My jukebox control bars are alive and well on my local machine, but my live links fail to render in Chrome.


    Plugin Author Frank Goossens


    Interesting problem rocipo!

    Just re-tested on my testblog and audio-only does work in Chrome. Tested your jukebox and that one doesn’t work in Chrome, but neither in Firefox I’m afraid.

    Now based on what I see, the problem might indeed be with Tablepress. When looking at the HTML source I see that the lyte-divs are there (inside the table), bu the lyte JavaScript is not (normally around the start of the WP footer). I also see thinkgs like <!-- #tablepress-1 from cache -->, implying that tablepress has a cache of rendered tables, which would explain why the lyte javascript is missing.

    What I would propose you to do:

    • Try an audio-only YouTube embed on a page without TablePress and see if that works
    • Check TablePress settings to see if you can disable it from doing caching
    • If audio-only works without TablePress and you can’t disable caching in TablePress, you might want to look for an alternative there.

    hope this helps,

    Hi Frank-

    Thanks for the suggestions. I thought I was losing my mind when, after creating this page:, I decided to double-check the original link. Well, I was surprised to discover that my original links now displayed properly.


    After loading the page initially, I browsed to another page and then returned to the Tablepress jukebox page and, on the second visit, my links were once again rendered as just plain text.

    I’m going to to head over to the Tablepress support board now and see if I can’t glean any caching information there. Thank you for your time and insight. Hopefully I will find a fix, but since this now appears to be part of a Tablepress dilemma, I’ll mark this, albeit temporarily, as resolved.

    Once again, thank you for your time, but don’t let me forget, also for a great plugin.

    Plugin Author Frank Goossens


    no problem, let me know if you need more support for WP YouTube Lyte!


    just for everybody following this thread: Yes, this was indeed related to the table caching TablePress, which can be turned off via the instructions in one of my posts in

    Best wishes,

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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