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  • Resolved Nick Haskins


    I had been testing 3.6 beta 1 extensively and had things worked out pretty well and displaying nicely. Updated to beta 2 a few minutes ago and it seems the audio/video formats aren’t working?

    Here’s the test audio URL.

    [audio src="" /]

    Just wondering what’s changed between beta 1 and beta 2.


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  • Sami Keijonen



    In what way they are not working?

    There might have been some changes and I had to redo some of the post formats posts.

    Hey Sami,
    Yep using the_post_format_audio();. It was working previously (beta 1), where as now (Beta 2) I just see the shortcode itself as it doesn’t seem to be being parsed.

    [audio src="" /]

    I went through the motions, deactivated my theme, etc. Even with twentythirteen active still doesn’t seem to be being parsed.


    Sami Keijonen



    It works for me. Do you use the_remaining_content() function?

    In general I just use URL of the .mp3 in Audio embed code or URL metabox.

    Well shit that’s strange then. Yeah it’s pretty standard stuff.

    Here’s code:

    Here’s admin:

    You say it works yeah? Did you happen to use that same test mp3 url? (I’m sure you did just have to ask though) Just strange as it was working with beta1 so wondering what’s changed there between 1 and 2.

    Sami Keijonen



    Ok, for somehow it works with [audio src="" /] but not with just URL

    I’m not sure why, can you test it with different file name. That shouldn’r be a problem but it’s worth to test.

    Ya I tried with a few other .mp3 URL’s and all produce the same result when only using the URL itself.

    Happens to be the same with video as well, when only using a URL.

    Sami Keijonen



    Could this be the case with external links, not sure.

    Thats exactly it.

    I uploaded a sample mp3 and it works.

    So the issue is when using external URL’s on audio and video post formats.

    Both with and without the audio tag work for me on the latest trunk.

    Switch to 2013.

    I had someone else test, and they are producing the same results that I am with latest and the functions the_post_format_audio() (found in 2013).

    To replicate:
    1. Use Audio Post in 2013
    2. Apply this to meta box and publish:

    This works if you actually upload it, and insert it.


    OH! Okay, I see. Huh. Lemme kick that. It works with a post,but not the audio post.

    I had 2 other people test, both producing the same results I produced. I tested again, fresh copy, still the same results, on 2013.

    Front End


    This theme that I built is literally waiting for 3.6 to go live. It was working with beta 1. Then beta 2 drops today, I update, and both of those post format (audio and video) which are using the same functions as in 2013, no longer work. Both are using external links.

    Something, obviously changed. Seeing as how my project is under version control there have been no changes to the codeset.

    *Edit* I have second install, as I’m developing 2 similar products in tandem under 3.6 codeset. I just updated that one to beta 2, and is showing the same thing.

    Ahh sweet! Ya Mika don’t make me go crazy man. haha. Well, feels good when the shit can be replicated at least I know I’m not nuts. lol is made for this.

    Yeah, okay that was really weird. Marking resolved as we have it in trac now 🙂

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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