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    I have WordPress 3.5.1 and upgraded MediaElement.js to 2.10.3, which is use in the sermon browser plugin 0.45.4. After upgrade the Audio Controls (play, length, volume, progress of buffer and audio) did not appear in Chrome or IE9. Instead a black bar with a large bold word DOWNLOAD displayed. Clicking on the black bar starts a full screen play of the audio where the audio controls are visible (working and correct). My problem is that it looks ugly and most people are not going to know to click on the black bar.
    I deleted MediaElement.js and uploaded version 2.9.1, activated it and everything works fine.
    I found this thread, which didn’t seem resolved at the time (and I urgently wanted my site working again):

    Does anyone have a fix to get MediaElement.js 2.10.3 working with WordPress 3.5.1 (and Sermon Browser 0.45.4)?

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  • Paul, I am new to this plugin and have just been testing it (for audio only), but I was experiencing exactly the same problem. I discovered that I had a typo in Audio Settings > Default Type. I corrected it to audio/mp3 and the player is now working great. I don’t know if this will help you — for one thing, I am not using Sermon Browser — but I thought I’d share my experience.

    Thanks Brian007. The audio/mp3 in Audio SEttings > Default Type worked.

    Thanks Brian007! Just to add clarity to what Brian007 said. The settings that needed to be updated to “Audio/MP3” are in the WordPress dashboard settings –> MediaElements.js


    I’m having this same problem.

    The regular player shows up when on my mac in Firefox, Chrome and Safari. It also works within my windows machine within Explorer and Chrome …

    But fails and shows DOWNLOAD within Firefox.


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