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  • pierremichaux


    I am starting a new website from old version for my brother.
    What I am looking for:
    – Ability to display product catalogue with 1 picture and upload in bulk (700 items for 1 catalogue)
    – Each catalogue corresponds to a calendar date the sales auction occurs
    – Sales occurs does not happen online but customers can do 2 things:
    – Ask to be called by phone (simple button to a contact form) with login
    – Place a bid with login

    Anyone has an idea of a theme that can do this? Or plugin? Should I use a product catalogue or a woocommerce?

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  • Nitesh



    I have a auction plugin –

    My answers point by point:

    1. Free & PRO both can display that. PRO has bulk uploader. Since we updated PRO DB and forms, need to update uploader feature too which will be done in a week or two.

    2. Not sure what you are asking here.

    3. Plugin provides auction bidding, buy now and Best offer features.

    Do checkout and if you have any questions, do post your questions in plugin’s forum.


    Hello Nitesh,
    Sorry for late reply to this post but I was not sure about my request. Now I have written more accurate spécifications. Could you read them and take a few minutes to answer me again?
    Thank you very much!

    The website is in French only for the moment. The business is Antiques sales auctions but not online. There is an event 3x a year where 1000 products are sold publicly.

    The website is more a catalogue of products where people can consult each product and make basically 2 kinds of actions.

    For each product, there is 1 picture with a description and a price estimation (sales is not online) (Example: 200-300€).

    People can then make 2 actions:
    1/ Ask to be contacted by phone the day of the event about that specific product (ideally add to a wishlist of products they want to receive a call for). After wishlist is validated, info and product id’s are sent by email with info about user (email/name/address/phone number)

    2/ Users can also give their best quote about a product. They are not buying, they are naming the price they would buy it. They will not be physically there at the event. Price is given in euro. Products they want to quote are also sent to wishlist. After wishlist is validated, info and product id’s are sent by email with info about user (email/name/address/phone number)

    Each product has the same structure. As they could be up to 1300 on 2 different dates, I need to be able to insert a date when items are to be sold. I will need also to be able to upload all products and pictures in bulk.

    As working with wishlists, I need people to register and give their personal details.
    There is no payment transaction online.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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