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  • Hi Joe,
    I’d like to use your eBay tools but I keep running into problems. I’ve tried running it as a plugin(your settings: cache on and off) and as generated scripts pasted directly from your website. I’ve even tried what you suggested in the docs to create separate pages and then build a results page with iFrame(s). But your code ONLY works if you have Ad Blocker off. I believe that there is something about your code that Ad Blockers don’t like. Before I send you a link to the page I’m having a problem with, have you tested your code with Ad Blockers to find out why your code has an issue? I’ll give you some reasons why I believe this is inherent in your code:

    1. I’ve imbedded many scripts in my pages over time and I’ve never run into this problem.

    2. I’ve tested other tools that that create eBay scripts: & They do not have an issue with having an Ad Blocker turned on. Unfortunately, their tools have other short-comings & I’d really like to use your Tool(s).

    Having users of turn off Ad Blocking is not a viable solution to this problem in my case.

    Do you imbed Ad Code in your Tools?

    Since there are other Tools(aforementioned) that do not have a conflict with Ad Blockers, can you please update your code so that this issue gets resolved?

    Is this something that you can do soon? (I’m currently working on a project that I could really use your Tools for).

    Other than the Ad Blocking issue and the incompatibility with other WordPress Plugins, it’s a really nice tool. I’d be happy just to use it as imbedded scripts if the Ad Blocking issue gets resolved.

    I’m looking forward to hearing from you.


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  • Plugin Author Joe Hawes


    Hi @wpallweb,

    Thanks for reaching out. It is unfortunate, but Auction Nudge is indeed blocked by some ad blockers.

    Because Auction Nudge funds itself through referral commissions from eBay, the content displayed by Auction Nudge is itself an ad for eBay. This is prominently disclosed on the WordPress plugin directory and on the Auction Nudge site.

    Because the ad blockers (and more specifically the lists that power them) are outside of my control, once something has been tagged in this way there is not really much than can be done I’m afraid.

    I realise that this is not an ideal situation, but it is a problem far bigger than this free-to-use plugin I’m afraid. I have included lots of references to ad blockers, because this does trip up some users.

    I hope you find the solution you are looking for, with or without Auction Nudge.

    All the best,


    Thread Starter wpallweb


    I guess the part that I don’t understand is, how does
    do it? It looks very similar to yours but no Ad Blocking.

    Do you have a version of this that you can modify to work like ??? I may be willing to pay like a plugin fee.

    You could offer your FREE version with the eBay Ads and then a PAID version with no Ads.

    Is that possible?


    Plugin Author Joe Hawes


    Hi Bob,

    The mechanisms behind ad blocking are quite complex, but the ad blockers need to be told about what content to block. These are controlled by user-contributed lists. I would suspect that the service you mentioned has not (yet?) caught the eye of the people who maintain such lists.

    Working around the ad blockers is technically possible, but they are very good at doing what they do, so it would require continuous work. Unfortunately this is not something I offer.

    Thanks again for your interest and sorry that Auction Nudge might not be a viable solution for you because of this.



    Thread Starter wpallweb


    Thanks for trying. I do appreciate and understand your position.

    Have a great week.


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