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  • I am able to assign slider posts to a custom group in the Slider Posts plugin. However, when I try to use that group as the filter in the Show Sliders / Filter tab, I run into issues. The little drop-down box in the Slider Group panel is always empty. Never does show the group I created in the Slider Posts plugin. Running a preview of my WP post for the slider briefly pops up a “Posts not found” error message, and all I get where I would expect to see the slider is a thin horizontal line.

    Kelly Cook

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  • When you go to Dashboard > SLider Posts > Slider group do you see your group defined.
    When you open/edit a created slider post, in the bottom right of the page in the Slider group box (Below the tags box), do you see your slider group, and is it checked.

    If both are true it means you have a slider group properly defined and you have at least one post belonging to that group.

    When you go to ATW Post/Slider > Filter page , in the Slider group option box, the drop down list should have your group in it, you select it, then click the button Add Slider group next to it, and the Box to the right should then contain

    Thread Starter KCook


    The Slider Post page does show the custom group label in the column for “Slider Group”. These are text posts, not image posts, though I would not expect that to make any difference, they were created with the Slider Post plugin.

    Nope, the drop down list in the Slider group option box is completely empty, does not show any labels of any kind. So I cannot select it. I did try entering that “atw_slider_group=”mygroup” code in the box to the right, but that did not make any difference either.

    I would delete all the slider posts and groups, deactivate and delete the ATW Show SLider and Sow posts plugins, reinstall both plugins, recreate a new Slider posts, create the new group from the post page (add new group), then create a new filter and see how that goes.

    If you still have problem after that I would post in the Weaver forum ATW Show Posts & Show Slider section

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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