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  • Dear Team,

    I must thank the team of woo commerce, your hard work is the livelihood for so many users. Thank you for that.

    Today i tried using Variable product upload, and it makes me to create 27 attributes under 3 variables. looking for price options to the attrites products and auto totalling to reduce the variables to 9 from 27.

    Main product : 1
    Variables : 3
    Attributes : 3

    Attributes to create:
    1st – Main product – Become 1
    1st – Variable – 1 Attributes : Become 2
    1st – Variable – 2 Attributes : Become 3
    1st – Variable – 3 Attributes : Become 4
    2nd – Variable – 1 Attributes : Become 5
    2nd – Variable – 2 Attributes : Become 6
    2nd – Variable – 3 Attributes : Become 7
    3rd – Variable – 1 Attributes : Become 9
    3rd – Variable – 2 Attributes : Become 9
    3rd – Variable – 3 Attributes : Become 10
    and so on…

    Can you short this process by pricing the attributes which can do auto totaling with main product
    Main product + attributs1 price = Total
    Main product + attributs2 price = Total
    Main product + attributs3 price = Total

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  • You can’t do that with the core WooCommerce plugin, but there are a couple of methods you can consider.

    If all the terms for an attribute are the same price, and you don’t need stock control, you can set the attribute to “Any” when you make your variations.

    So for example, my t-shirts come in 3 sizes each a different price, and each is available in 3 colours. The colours don’t alter the price. If I make a variation for each size and colour combination, that would be 9 variations. However, if I set:
    variation #1 = size 1 / Any colour
    variation #2 = size 2 / Any colour
    variation #3 = size 3 / Any colour

    that’s only 3 variations – a saving in effort when setting up the data.

    The method gives a bigger reduction if you have multiple attributes.

    Another method you might consider is to setup add-ons. In my t-shirts example, I have 3 variations, then 3 radio buttons for the user to select colour. The radio buttons can be priced differently to add to the variation cost. More complex maths is not supported.

    This can be easier to manage than a large number of variations.

    Here are some free add-on plugins to try:

    There are several premium add-on plugins with more features.

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