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  • I hope I’m posting in the correct forum. I would like to use Woocommerce for a customer but am having trouble configuring it to work for his products. His products will have several variables that are selected along with the base product are dropped into the shopping cart with a newly consolidated price.

    My example, and maybe I’m misunderstanding how Woocommerce works, is as follows:
    Base product: Fairing
    attribute 1: model, no price change
    attribute 2: color, price adder if custom color selected
    attribute 3: decal, $10 adder
    attribute 4: HL gear, $100 adder or default to none
    attribute 5: Windscreen, $50 adder

    So I can’t generate 5 attributes for the 1 base product. The ability seems to stop at 4 attributes. Is this a bug or is there a limit somewhere I’ve missed?

    Is what I’m looking for doable with Woocommerce or should I be looking elsewhere?

    I use Woocommerce for another shop I manage but the products are all simple products.

    thanks for any help,

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  • You can do this with the GravityForms add-on. This is an interface (as a plugin) between GravityForms (plugin) and the WooCommerce plugin. There you can make conditional formulas to be used within products (for each one or for a group).

    Kind Regards,

    Peter Luit
    The Netherlands

    thanks Peter,
    I was looking at Gravity Forms but I’m a little leary to just jump in with this pricey plugin. Are you saying this plugin would interface with Woocommerce? if so I wouldn’t need to buy the Paypal add-on would I?

    Can you point me to some documentation on how I use WC & GF together?


    If you sell more projects to customers in which you need a good forms plugin, GravityForms is a good choice. So the price could not be an issue.

    No, you don’t need the PayPal add-on from GF, payment of purchases had to be done form within WC.

    GF’s does not directly connect to WC, you have to but the add-on to interface between them: (you can find there some background information as well on how to use it). Also here you have to pay for the add-on.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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