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  • I am having a problem with attributes on the front end and have no way to fix it.
    For example, say I have a Tshirt. I have that EXACT tshirt in the color black and the color yellow. I have medium and large in black, and medium, large and xlarge in yellow.
    I go make my size variations as: medium pipe large pipe and xlarge with the actual pipe symbol.
    I make my color variations as black pipe yellow.
    I can then link all variations and uncheck the box that says enable for black in xlarge as I dont have black in xlarge.
    On the front end on the drop down menu- in my mind what I want to do is if the user choses the color black, then on the size pull down all they should be able to see if medium and large in black as I don’t have an xlarge.
    However, what is happening is that if they chose black, ALL sizes are showing up- medium, large and xlarge, and even though I do not HAVE a black colored tshirt in xlarge, it is “allowing” the customer to hit ADD TO CART. Now the shirt won’t actually GO in the cart because I don’t have it but the point is: they either shouldnt be able to PUT that size in their basket ( or think they did), OR on the color black size xlarge it should somehow say not available OR when they hit the color black and then hit size, xlarge shouldnt even show up at all as a choice. WHAT am I doing wrong? This is driving me absolutely crazy!

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  • Same thing here… All the attributes are there but i have to keep selecting the exact items from the pulldowns to get the add to cart button to appear… it’s like the plugin is not recognizing the combination of attributes very effectively at all.

    Hi Detters,
    I think we were both talking about two different things: for me, my store was showing variations of products that I didnt have AND allowing the customer to add it to the basket. For the life of me, I honestly do not remember HOW in the world I fixed this issue but I did. But- just last week, I did have the issue where “ADD TO CART” wasn’t showing up at ALL for me. It happened to be something inside of my theme. Actually, it was so dumb I almost fainted. My theme has an area where you can type in what you want the customer to see (what words) when the add to cart button shows up. I typed in add to cart- just like that. Four hours later…. ADD TO CART (all capitals) is what made the add to cart button come back.

    OR are you saying that basically you can have a red pair of shoes and black pair of shoes. Red in size 5-10 and black in size 5-9. But it will SHOW black in size 10, and the customer just wont be able to add it to the cart? I was almost having the identical problem except it WAS letting customers add it to carts! Go back into your variations and open them up. There is a little check mark for “enable variation”. If you dont have a size or color, just uncheck that box. For me though, i THINK I solved the issue by updating woocommerce. I wish I remembered! Heck, I may have even forgot about it until just now when I got a message that you added a comment. I had to go rush to my site to make sure it was in fact working right-which it is. Looking at some of my products though, it looks like what I did was just delete the variation I did not have instead of unchecking enabling it. (disabling it, didnt do that, just deleted it)

    Hope that helps

    Almost forgot to say: IF YOU ARENT USING “link all variations”, then you will have the issue you are having. That is what fixed it for me- I just remembered. i was never linking the variations. I took the REAL hard way around and added them in one by little one. (hence why it took eight months to launch). I had to go back and redo them all. I think I forgot because thats a big “duh” in my head I wanted to block out. As soon as I used the “link variation” feature, then went back and just deleted the variation that I did not have, AND cleared history and cache and restarted my site- it worked fine.

    Good luck.

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