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Attributes of shortCode

  • Thanks for this really nice wrapper around the anything-slider.

    Besides having all those warning because of accessing variables that are not set, I’ve found an issue while trying the shortcode with “startPanel”.
    “startPanel” is obviously supported as in
    [anything_slides cat=”testcat” startPanel=”4″]

    But as noted here: http://codex.wordpress.org/Shortcode_API (Important tip…)
    The $attr values are always lower-case. So all the nice attributes: startPanel, changeBy, … which are tested in the code could not be used.
    e.g. instead of:

    // Navigation Settings
     $startPanel = ( isset( $attr['startPanel'] ) ) ? $attr['startPanel'] : ( ( $options['startPanel'] ) ? $options['startPanel'] : '1');

    it shoudl read:

    // Navigation Settings
     $startPanel = ( isset( $attr['startpanel'] ) ) ? $attr['startpanel'] : ( ( $options['startPanel'] ) ? $options['startPanel'] : '1');

    Thanks again for providing this plugin


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