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    In free version –
    Would it be possible for :-
    products > Different vendor for a different atribute on same product
    ie –
    I have a tshirt that is available in 1 – Embroidered – 2 – Printed
    Vendor A sells the printed version
    Vendor B sells the embroidered version
    So each vendor needs to be able to manage their own version

    Or would I need to create 2 x different products which really is not the idea of using attributes

    Or is this available option in pro version?


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  • Plugin Author Jamie



    WC Vendors does not currently support 1 product to many vendors. Vendors own the product and then any variations of that product.

    This is not an available option in Pro either. Currently trying to implement 1 to many products requires using a method that isn’t very efficient. This will introduce performance issues in medium to large marketplaces that we are not comfortable doing. Tracking this information requires that all vendor information is stored in meta keys which isn’t efficient for queries at all.



    Hi Jamie

    Thank you for the information

    Thought I had better ask before creating duplicate products for different variants.

    Thanks anyway for the great plugin



Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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