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    After updating to WC 3.3, all of my attributes are set to “Select” and there is no way to change it or even set new attributes to “Text”. This is a major problem and I cannot list any new products because of it.

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    “text” attributes should not be required. Add your attributes from the attributes screen and then select them when adding the product instead of typing them in manually, or click ‘add attribute’ and type it there. This change does not affect the frontend is any way and won’t prevent you listing products.

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    Mike, there are attributes that are known to us in the retail world as “identifiers”, these attributes will have a unique value for every item. Such as Unified Product Codes (UPC), European Article Numbers (EAN), and Manufacturer’s Part Number (MPN). The value of these attributes is how we distinguish between very similar items. Using only “select” attributes would require that each UPC, EAN, and MPN be added to the “terms” of the attribute either before or after product creation, then assigned to the item. Worse still, the database cell containing the “terms” for the UPC, EAN, and MPN attributes would contain every possible UPC, EAN, and MPN. WooCommerce and WordPress take long enough to load each page, that wouldn’t help.

    Are these the kinds of changes I can expect from Woocommerce?

    Caleb Burks


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    If the term isn’t shared among other products, then you should use product-level custom attributes.

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    Caleb, ok but that eliminates the efficiency in having to select the attributes from a list not to mention making use of plugins that set default attributes. Since you guys are defending the change so adamantly, can I ask what reason there was to make this change? How did it improve the software?

    I have similar issues as described by zacklawhon. I am curious what the reason is to make this change. Moreover, what would be a (temporary) workaround for this?

    More details about my situation: I have cars as products and for each car I have custom attribute ‘License plate’ which is obviously something unique for each car. For this field I need a custom attribute field with free input format and no predefined list of terms.

    Try date attributes! I think where an attribute could be any from an almost infinite choice, you would need to alter the WooCommerce core code to allow it or more sensibly change the method away from using attributes to using cart meta data. Cart meta data can be propagated through orders and emails, and gives complete flexibility in the data used. The following plugin and similar use the meta data method:
    The author of that plugin gives a tutorial if you prefer to code your own.

    @zacklawhon I see that the status of this topic is resolved – did you set it to resolved, and if so, how come?

    I am stupefied at the decision of removing the text type from global attributes and would love to hear how you have solved your issues with this hostile change, if at all?

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    @pertorstensson, I did not set it to Resolved nor did I find a worthwhile fix. Basically, I have simply taken the advice of the @icaleb in which I use Custom Attributes for things like UPC, EAN, GPID, MPN, ASIN and so on. You know, the types of information that all products on planet Earth will have but will never be shared by any two items.

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