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    This may seem silly and very counter-intuitive to a collapse-o-matic plugin. Even so, i’ll propose it. There are some instances in which i would like to easily display static content in the same style as that of my collapsible content. It would be great to have a shortcode attribute that locked content as expanded, no matter whether anyone clicked on the trigger or clicked on a trigger with a different rel attribute or a matching rel-highlander attribute.

    P.S. With thanksgiving approaching here in the U.S., i want to say thank you. And with all my questions, i’ll be sure to support your plugin development before the year’s end. Thanks!

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    what happens when you set trigclass="colomat-expand-only" ?

    Ah, nice. i hadn’t seen that class. It does work for a basic expand. However, it does collapse when a similarly related trigger changes state … or when a trigger related to its parent expand changes state.

    Plugin Author Baden


    ah! good to know… look for that to change in the next release (along with what’s-what in the documentation.)

    Plugin Author Baden


    OK, I think we have something you will like. Please download and install the alpha version of Collapse-O-Matic 1.5 from The Plugin Oven. Once installed, simply set trigclass="colomat-expand-only" and once an expand has been opened, it will be LOCKED open until the page is refreshed or reloaded.

    You like?

    It does work to maintain related expand elements. However, if i set trigclass=”colomat-expand-only” for an [expandsub1] that has a parent [expand] with a relation, when that relation is triggered, the [expandsub1] will collapse.

    [expand title="First Parent" rel="parents"]
       [expandsub1 title="Child" trigclass="colomat-expand-only"][/expandsub1]
    [expand title="Second Parent" rel="parents"]Content[/expand]

    So, above, if the Second Parent is triggered, the Child will collapse.

    And, yes, i do like!

    Plugin Author Baden


    In the example above, when you expand child (expandsub1) it will stay expanded… however, it’s parent can collapse. But when the parent is again expanded, the child will display in the locked expanded mode.

    So you want the ability to have a child that is locked open also prevent it’s parent from collapsing?

    Ah, my bad … the above example should read


    Then, triggering the second parent will collapse the child of the first. That is what i would like to avoid.

    Plugin Author Baden


    For your consideration: Collapse-O-Matic 1.5c—for all parents that desire their collapsable children to grow up strong and healthy… and fully locked in the open position.

    Try it out, and please let us know if it works for you.

    Aye … strong and healthy children! You’ve raised them well.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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