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  • Hi, I’m working on a website on my local host, and I need to list or group different attributes that I’ve already created. The thing is that I bought a woocommerce plugin and it doesn’t work ! But for now, I need to resolve the attributes groups.

    So I thought, may be, with some javascript code, that I can named a group for example: “Description” , and then call to the attributes that will be in this Description group. And this group is must see in the information tab on the product .

    And with that code, then I can make the others groups that I need.

    So, some one knows how to do that? please.

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  • Moderator bcworkz


    You mean product attributes from WooCommerce right? (not HTML attributes) I think you would want to create a custom page template. If you want to modify WC templates, seek out WC hooks that may suffice instead, because maintaining custom WC templates is kind of a pain. If you copy/modify one of your theme templates like page.php, create a child theme to contain your custom work.

    I think you should manage this in PHP because then most WC resources are available to you. When you rely upon JS, you can only use the information on the current page. OK, not exactly true. You can pass PHP values to JS through wp_localize_script(). This presumes you know ahead of time what data your JS will need. If you know that, it can likely be handled with PHP.

    If you need specific WC information, like how to get all defined attributes, I suggest you ask in the dedicated WC support forum where the devs and expert users can help you.

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