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    Hi there,first thing, congratulation for your theme. It’s simple, clean and free, perfect work 🙂

    I was looking for all over internet trying to find the solution but I think I need to post here.
    I use the configuration of the theme to put a image in the “title”. I can’t put the attribute ALT or TITLE, or even a link to home page. This is my web, in case you want to see it ( This is the part of the code

    <div id="title_wrapper">
                <hgroup id="header_title">
                    	<img src="...." ALT=""/>

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    How could I fix it??

    Other two short things. Since the begining I couldn’t work the RSS, I dont know if it’s because of the theme or other thing. Last thing, do you know how could I change how to visualize in movil device? I was searching in the CSS :/

    Thank very much, and again, congratulations!!

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  • Theme Author Sayed Taqui


    Thanks, ALT and TITLE are important, I m sorry I forgot to include them, will do it in the next version which would available soon, but now you can do it by yourself. Go to header.php find this code and add title and alt.Not sure if this is exactly what you are asking.

    RSS works perfect in supernova I have tested that already.

    Supernova is responsive, if you are asking how you can change the css for mobile devices then find mediaquery.css file user css folder(you will have to get it from FTP).


    Theme Author Sayed Taqui


    I just noticed you are using version 1.0 which was not even released. That version had some issues that’s why we update themes.
    Please use the latest version.



    Hi Sayed, I’ve understand you perfectly. Alt and Title is exactly what I meant. You say this part right? “<hgroup id=”header_title”>
    <?php supernova_title_image(); ?>”

    I tried so many times about RSS that I don’t know what is happening . I have installed Yoast SEO, maybe a conflict with that plugin? (sure it is my fault)

    Thanks for the mediaquery.css.

    I don’t upgrade because as you can see, I made many modifications in the template, I read that If I upgrade the theme, I lost these changes.

    I appreciate all your help and your time. Thanks.

    Theme Author Sayed Taqui


    supernova_title_image() is a function that you will find under lib/function/custom-functions.php

    Well its my personal experience that 95% of the time, its a plugin which creates conflict, so deactivate each plugin one by one to see which one is causing problem.

    You should use child theme for making changes, I m going to add so many awesome features in supernova, you would not get any of those. Also the new version loads must faster than before.



    Thanks a lot for your help, I’m going to upgrade by using child theme.

    You’re making a really good job on this theme.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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