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    No. Just no. It looks good and it worked well until we hit 3200 subscribers. The developer releases too many buggy updates…. literally an update every other day — and in each update, we have to go in and update the settings from http to https again.

    Way too buggy for enterprise class sites. Great solution for a small hobby blog though.

    We cancelled and are with another push provider now and much, much happier. Too bad.

    Shame. If the developer simply stopped trying to be “cute” with feedback dialogs and stuff (“Whoo-hoo” etc.) and dedicated more time to THINKING about how their own updates affect their clients, we would reconsider, but the whole “whoo-hooo” stuff smacks of a really bad joke — not something we trust our business to.

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    I am sorry to hear that you had trouble with our plugin. We have been around ever since Apple launched Safari push and have grown exponentially since then. Thousands of websites have trusted our service over the years to send out millions of web push notifications. Last week we issued an update that may have potentially created the conflict that you highlighted in your review. Since then we have fixed it. Please email me directly at steve@getpushmonkey.com and I will make sure to get you taken care of.


    Plugin Author Push Monkey


    Hi Chris,

    What is your website that you signed up with?



    What’s the plugin that you switched to?

    Plugin Author Push Monkey


    Hi Chris and @llcodyson,

    @llcodyson, we are well aware that Push Monkey, even though one of the first, is not the only solution on the market. If there would be any other solution to recommend, that would be OpenSignal, due to their stability and free offering.

    Chris, we are sorry to hear that our service did not meet your expectations, we do work hard in providing a better class platform. However, this is software and whilst bugs might happen, we do try to react very quickly to them especially considering the wide variety of WordPress deployments.

    Our customers’ feedback and reaction is crucial when it comes to detecting and fixing bugs that might arise and as much as we would like to detect these ourselves I am afraid that sometimes we need to rely on communication and feedback coming from our users as well. This has been really hard and confusing from your side, malicious even.

    I am afraid at this stage we are not able to provide 24/7 tech support to our customers, however, as we scale up we will be looking at providing a more efficient support in different timezones.

    We have sent you a full list of your subscribers via email and if there is anything else that we can help you with, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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