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  • So I thought since on of the recent updates says it addressed attributes I’d give this another try.
    Brand new test site with the default WP theme and no plugins.

    Still no way to add prices to attributes or even a way to get customers to choose an attribute on the product page. It only displays them in the “additional info” tab.
    Works in WP 3.5.1 though, last i checked.

    And of course, no support except for here. I’m not sure whether to praise or chastise the people here for supporting this for profit companies product. I sure admire their willingness to help others, but They are also letting this for profit company off the hook. They should be supporting their products.

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  • Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    Thanks for checking for the obvious. Yes, I found this article an viewed it. Since the latest update the variation section does appear when you change the product to variant (It didn’t before the update)
    But still those drop downs at the top that show you what attributes (right above the SKU field), you are setting prices for aren’t there and when you try to Link variant it throws an error message saying no variants were linked.

    I guess this is a step in the right direction but it’s still impossible to add even a single variant.

    Thanks mikejolly for making sure I haven’t missed the obvious. I guess since I said attributes instead of variants, I can see why you thought I was missing the obvious, but I’m not.

    Now that that’s out of the way, please no one else assume I’m not doing it right and just try it for yourself. I’m seeing lots of other people saying the variants aren’t working.

    Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    To note, I do run 3.5.2 and 3.6 with no issues regarding variations.

    Btw, in terms of bug fixing, developing the core product and stopping by, this “for profit” company offers a damn lot for free. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having community support either – just look at magento.

    Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    If no variations are linking, I’d guess you either need to check the ‘use for variation’ checkboxes or save the product first.

    @texxs I have just upgraded (couple of days ago) my clients website to 3.5.2 and woocommerce .13, and it works fine. Maybe you are using it with combination of third party plugins which are causing it to not work, install it on fresh wordpress, with default theme twenty ten, elevan or twelve :D, and play with plugin and see if it still not working then post the issue you are seeing (javascript issue or fatal errors in php etc). Without actual error code nobody can help you.

    Product variations are easy to do. But there are a few steps to doing it.

    Go to Products, select Attributes
    Create an attribute – “Colour”, then save
    Select “Configure Terms” – create individual colours (red, green, etc)
    then save

    Now go and edit your individual product page
    Make sure you select VARIABLE PRODUCT rather than simple product.

    Select the Product Data section
    Select the Attributes section
    Beside the ADD ATTRIBUTE button you should see the Attributes you set up in the previous steps. Select it and then click Add
    Now click SELECT ALL to bring up the individual attributes you created in the first section. Edit any you don’t want to show up.
    IMPORTANT: select USE FOR VARIATIONS box (I don’t use the show on product page, this only adds the text to the additional tabs section)
    CLICK SAVE ATTRIBUTES (don’t miss this step)
    Still in the Product Data section, select Variations section
    Create your variation(s) – you have to include a price here for each variation or no price will show up.

    Note: if your products are set to private rather than public, they won’t show up in the shop.

    Tip: if you want an add-to-cart button to show up with a price, make sure to set a DEFAULT VARIATION selection (this is the DEFAULT SELECTIONS found at the bottom of this variations section). Your customer will still be able to select another variation, but at least they won’t be mystified about the lack of a cart button or price. I just discovered this after months of working with WooCommerce.

    This works. Swatches and Variations Plugin also works, I use it and recommend it.

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