• ConceptAlchemyCompany


    Peaceful Greetings:

    Having relied on MyCred in our multisite environment for many years, we recently encountered an unexpected issue where MyCred became inaccessible on one of our subsites. Given past experiences with support developers causing unintended damage to our platforms, I was initially hesitant. However, Daniyal Raza from the MyCred support team provided reassurance that our sites were secure and committed to updating the plugin for seamless functionality.

    I appreciate the care and attention with which they responded to our concerns. Daniyal’s assurance instilled confidence in the resolution process. As we await the results of the update, I am optimistic that MyCred will continue to function as intended.

    The support received has been a positive aspect of our experience, and we look forward to the ongoing reliability of MyCred in our multisite environment.

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