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  • Attention: Never install this plugin. Let’s denounce this illegal practice. We cannot allow this!

    Pay close attention, take my advice. If you want to be robbed you can use this plugin, feel free. Of course they are explicitly stating that they divert 7% of their links to the developer tag and you use this plugin if you want.

    I’ll leave you an example: this plugin wants 7% of your links, but it can take the best links, the ones that sell the most and the ones that generate the most commissions.

    This plugin can spy on you and earn most of your commissions. This should be illegal and prohibited within WordPress. WordPress needs to monitor this type of conduct and exclude bad faith plugins from its platform.

    Now a message for the developer: If you want to make money with a WordPress plugin, develop the plugin and put it up for sale. Do not practice this type of theft. This is dishonest!

    All the good plugins that are on sale customers buy. I could name over 100, but I won’t.

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