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  • Plugin Author Marcus


    Hello, we take this stuff seriously and test thoroughly, I haven’t experienced this issue you’re reporting, not to say that maybe you’ve come accross a bug.

    I’m confused as to how you locked yourself out… was it due to a security setting, or something else? What error did you get? The only thing I can think of that’d lock you out is if you enable 2FA, but some setting prevents it from loading yet forces you to authenticate, for that though I’d need more info to investigate.

    FYI – If someone gets locked out and reads this, the quickest solution is to rename our plugin folder, e.g. wp-content/login-with-ajax to anything else, log in, rename the login-with-ajax plugin and review settings whilst logged in.

    I’ve been using LWA since ~ver 2.1 on 4+ sites (currently on 11 sites) and have never run into any such issue. Since you appear to be ‘savvy, it would be helpful to include more information – at least confirm the version of LWA.

    Also, it seems unnecessary and irrelevant to mention who recommended this plugin to you; obviously, they have not run into the same issue you had. Did you search the Support threads or Active/Unresolved Topics before posting your issue? It sounds like you are jumping the gun with dire warnings before looking even an inch below the surface.

    Cheers, Jeff

    Plugin Author Marcus


    @jsafire we recommended via our other plugin 😀

    glad to hear you’re not having issues though, moreover on so many sites! a 5* review would be appreciated if you haven’t already 😉

    Done. And btw, I am almost certain I “donated” to the plugin early on, probably like $20 or $25, which I often did for the free plugins I found useful. But, since I’ve been using it for so long on so many sites, I will be going “Pro” very soon. A few of my clients have been asking about more versatility than the current 2FA (Wordfence) they have enabled. And PassKeys would really be nice to have.

    Oops. I forgot Pixelite was you.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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