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  • On the plugin’s homepage, after someone asked about running two separate calendars Alex replied saying:

    “A more manageable task would be to get different types of events to display in different colours. You could base this on tags or on other WP categories.�

    How manageable? Has anyone done this? I’ve got the sidebar calendar showing one kind of event now, but would like to start adding a separate “kind� of event and have it show up as a different color. My calendar is only showing posts in my “events� category and they’re set up as “keep events separate� so I think I have to keep it that way, right? I don’t want all my posts in the calendar. But I have no experience with Tags, would they help make this possible?

    Thinking about it a little more, are we talking about the color the number in the sidebar is displayed as or the color of the pop-up or both? What’s possible and how might it be accomplished?

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