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  • This profanity plugin has installed by himself on my website without my permission. After speaking with my host provider they told me that this plugin is a must pro stuff on my website for improving my site speed, but actually this plugin has make site run much lower with 4-5 seconds. If you find this plugin on your website delete asap, it will destroy your site speed also your bounce rate will have a major increase. This plugin it’s a spam, just another pro shit stuff from 99,99% pro shit stuffs that some people wants you to believe that you need, but you don’t. I will also start doing a violent campaign against this plugin and where I will see the name LiteSpeed Cache it will have my bad review.

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  • You don’t get it, my page is loading without the shit plugin in 0,1 sec, with the plugin installed my page is loading in 5 sec. Question, why do I need this plugin if my website is loading instantly???? Why this plugin has installed by him self on my website??? You sure was payed for this review or you just trying to build some backlinks. Any way, this plugin it SHOULD NOT install without my permission and also, this plugin SHOULD do what he say it does, but it doesn’t, the facts has proven. point, now stop kissing the ass of this plugin. This plugin is just another thing that makes you the impression you need him, like 99,99% of the plugins.

    Could you post the link to your page?

    Lol, no

    Just to let you know it’s your web host that’s automatically installed and enabled this plugin, not LiteSpeed.

    Only your web hosting provider has access to perform such actions onto your PRIVATE account.

    They are the ones you should be complaining too!

    Plugin Support LiteSpeed Lisa


    Hi, @gynorock

    I’m sorry to hear that you don’t want to use LiteSpeed Cache. As mentioned, it is your hosting provider’s choice to install it.

    If you’d like our help with tuning, just let us know. We’d be happy to give some tips. Otherwise, you should be free to disable the plugin and go back to the way things were.

    There’s more information about this on our blog, if you’d like to learn more.

    Andrew Nevins


    WCLDN 2018 Contributor | Volunteer support

    @chromasia, I understand your passion for the product and we appreciate the support you gave here, but the responses have been a little bit provocative. I know the reviewer gave a particularly harsh review, but understanding the underlying problem behind the review is still important (and this looks like a marketing problem). The plugin author gave a great response, let’s leave it at that.

    Oh I know that Joe but they have an agrement with the host, so both of them ar guilty for installing something without my permission on my website. It’s exactly like when you find me in your home just because your building administrator let me in without telling you. Now to answer Chromasia, dude about my poor attitude, I stopped having a good attitude when I see my self in this kind of situations and when I see people that wants to bite piece from me. I have no respect for no one who is #ucking around with me. About my link website, whats make you believe that I will post my link here? to make the things even worst? To get attacked? Now the thing is like this, if you say that this plugin is a must for website than is a must only FOR YOUR WEBSITE, and when I say this plugin is a shit, than is a shit, ofc for my website. If no one of you believe me than great, use this plugin, do whatever you want. But I am pretty sure that it will be some smart guys who will see my post and they will delete the plugin, because they will notice what this “great” plugin does. I am speaking about the guys who stay in webmaster tools and analytics non stop and they observe even the smallest changes on a website behavior. Remember my words, 99,99% of the plugins that you believe that it’s a must on your website, actually it’s a fake believe induced by others who wants a piece from you. 99,99% plugins will lower your website and you will find your website full of errors, even the plugins that promise to remove the errors, actually will create more errors.

    HI Andrew,

    No problem, and apologies for my ‘provocative’ response to the OP.

    Andrew Nevins I am telling the truth, if you don’t believe me please do a check out with this plugin. LiteSpeed Lisa ofc you are sorry for this bad review, have tried to make your plugin to get installed without this kind of tricks? I notice that this pluggin has more 200k installations, how many of them ar manually and with a permission of a webmaster?

    And lisa, I have another question, can you please tell us what exactly this plugin does or I must pay a coder to tell me? Also, after I delete the plugin, they will be some hidden parts of this plugin on my website, yes or no.

    Plugin Support LiteSpeed Lisa



    Just to clarify, we have no “agreements” with any hosting providers. It is 100% your host’s decision. If you disagree with that, I respectfully suggest that you speak to them about it.

    I understand that you’d like to delete the plugin, but please don’t do so without first following one of the steps mentioned in the link I shared earlier, otherwise, it may be reinstalled next time the hosting provider runs the auto-install. You want the process to skip your site so that we don’t have to go through this whole thing again someday.

    Autoinstall will skip your site if one of the following is true:

    • You have LiteSpeed Cache already installed (it can be deactivated, if you don’t want to use it).
    • You have a different caching plugin installed and activated.
    • Your site is flagged to be skipped via a .litespeed_flag in your WP root directory. (Your hosting provider can help you add the flag, if you don’t have access to your site’s file system.)

    If you never want to see the plugin active in your system again, please make sure that you have taken one of the steps listed.

    I think you’re ill informed or jumping to conclusions. They do not have agreements with hosting companies to install this. I myself work at a hosting company that uses LiteSpeed Enterprise on many servers, they provide this plugin to directly intergrate with the LiteSpeed Enterprise Cache which your web host is obviously using. Now they don’t ask hosting companies to install this plugin, it’s your hosting provider that makes the choice to do such actions.

    Your comments are accusatory and defamatory.

    Your issue is solely with your hosting provider. You may also want to read your hosting providers terms because they may mention such requirements when using their hosting.

    Plugin Support LiteSpeed Lisa



    And lisa, I have another question, can you please tell us what exactly this plugin does or I must pay a coder to tell me? Also, after I delete the plugin, they will be some hidden parts of this plugin on my website, yes or no.

    The link I shared explains exactly what the plugin does. In a nutshell:

    LSCache stores static copies of WP pages and serves them to your visitors instead of making them wait for WP to generate the pages each time. There are also several additional optimization features that are optional and turned off by default.

    Once you have uninstalled the plugin, assuming that you flag your site as described in my previous post, there should no longer be any trace of it left behind.

    Joe “Your comments are accusatory and defamatory” they violated my property, both of them and I see that you started to dance with them. Now Lisa, what about to do something about this non telling users before your plugin is get installed? I mean, it was much greater to find a message ” hey man, we have a great plugin that does a lot of cool stuffs, come and a take look” this approach was much greater than to find the plugin already installed on my website. I think you should start speaking with the hosts that use your services and explain this reason because this is violating someones property. You must understand that you are not allowed on my website without my permission even if the host has installed you. You as a creator you must respect this and explain to every hosts that use your services to announce the users first before they install your product on someones property. If you don’t make announce that means it’s something fishy with the plugin and you are ok with this because you get people to use your plugin in this way, that’s over 200k installations. A big part of them they don’t know your plugin is installed on they website. So please do something about this, speak with host providers that are using your services to stop installing your product without announcing the user first. In this way you get confidence from me. By using the promoting methods that you use now it’s fishy, breaking the laws by violating my property, but you are ok with this because any way you get the installations you wanted. In this way you are in my eyes a fear source, something that’s wants something from me and I must do everything to stop you, including this bad review. SO , if you want no more bad reviews speak with host providers to announce each webmaster about your plugin before it’s get installed.

    Plugin Support LiteSpeed Lisa



    I understand your frustration, I really do, but you are laboring under several false assumptions about LiteSpeed, how we do business, and our role in your hosting provider’s decision to place LSCache in your WP installation.

    Additionally, although I am no legal expert, it’s not entirely correct to refer to your website as your property. There are several aspects of the site that you actually cannot own, and those are the aspects typically that are leased to you by your hosting provider with certain provisions. One of those provisions may or may not be that the hosting provider may install software as it sees fit. You will need to take a look at your hosting agreement to know that for sure. Like I’ve said before, we have absolutely nothing to do with that.

    At this point we’ve explained that we have no agreement with your hosting provider, we’ve explained what the plugin does, and we’ve explained how to permanently remove LiteSpeed Cache if you wish to do so. Any further discussion on these points wouldn’t be productive.

    If you decide to keep LSCache and would like help configuring it to work better on your site, please create a new topic and we’ll be happy to help you. Otherwise, I believe this discussion has run its course.

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