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    can we (as a purchased customer) know you schedule on replying ticket ?
    I created a ticket 36 hour ago, 12 hour later you request accessing my site and i reply instantly …..

    After 24 hour of your first reply, i don’t see you accessing my site nor trying to solve the issue or reply my ticket but u do make reply to other user in between this 24 hour …..

    So i would like to know you work on random day or ? cause 24 hour waiting for reply and realize you don’t even access my site …. is a bit too much, you might don’t treat your site serious but i do ….

    Yes i agree, i don’t pay you premium, but i do understand you not even bother to access my site means i need to wait again for my problem to solve …..

    So can provide your working hour, so we know when and what to expect ….



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    You do understand that your ticket is not the only one we have? Our response time depends on how many tickets we got. Sometimes it’s 5 minutes, sometimes it’s couple days.

    Your’s was number 3 in line and it could’ve been resolved withing an hour or so.

    But now …. Please see where you put us – if I resolve it now it will look like by posting such messages on public forums you could “speed up” things.

    yes i agree on what you said, me on no 3, but other question reply on forum is number 1 ?

    i’m not forcing you, just you have time to reply others question in forum and here, why not reply your client with noted message ? that ain’t hard right ?

    0.11 am here, i still awake cause waiting for answer and i dunno when i get my reply ….

    btw is FACT, without posting here, i get no response for 26 hour, is up to you to fix that issue for me fast or slow, is your performance to show me and others too.

    ps : not only me that feel your response via ticket is much slower than here, you can see it from time to time via other purchaser ..

    hopefully your you ain’t like wpmudev.

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