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    Hi Craig,

    I was wondering, is it possible to manipulate the display of the attendee count above the form, without hacking the plugin? If I read your template files correctly, the rtec.php can not be overridden, correct? Is there any other way?

    Maybe it would be an idea to put the different elements within “Attendance: 1 / ∞” in separate blocks, so at least one has some ways to influence it with css.

    Thanks, cheers!

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    We have this setting on the “Form” tab:

    Is that what you need?

    – Craig

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    Hi, that setting does not seem to work.

    All I want is: “Attendance: {num}”, removing the {max}, but this change is not picked up above the form. It just keeps the value “Attendance: {num} / {max}” . And it is not a cache issue.

    The setting above it, displaying the count or not, is working fine though.

    Plugin Author roundupwp


    Hmm are you using translation files with the plugin? In other words, did you enable the setting shown in this screenshot?

    If so, you can make edits to the template using another plugin like Loco Translate:

    Does this make sense?

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    Hi, the setting was set to Translations, while I did not needed that. Setting it to Custom fixed it!

    Thanks for your friendly support! 🙂

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