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  • My website is
    It is hosted by Freehostia.
    When I signed up at Freehostia recently I added WordPress automatically as part of the Freehostia setup. I added a link to my blog from my main page and it has been working fine. I have posted 11 blogs with no issues. Yesterday when I went into my admin account at WordPress I saw a button offering a version upgrade to 2.9.1. I clicked on the button, it started to do something, then I got disconnected, and now the link to my blog doesn’t work.
    Can anyone tell me what happened? what I did wrong? How do I restore my WordPress account so that people can visit my blog again?

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  • it sounds like you installed WP using something like Fantastico (from within your hosting control panel), correct? That can sometimes cause problems with upgrades, due to hosting server setups, etc. It’s best to install WP manually – upload the files to the server and run the installer, to avoid these issues. It would also allow you to change the directory name (your blog is in the ‘wordpress’ directory).

    At first glance, your blog is showing an Internal Server Error, which may be because the directory permissions have changed, or were not set properly to begin with.

    You need to FTP to the site and see what’s up with your files. Your database should still be fine, so your content is not lost, you probably just need to upload new WP files to the server and take it from there.



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    The upgrade may have failed partway through. Try going through a manual upgrade.

    Thank you. I am not very confident with this sort of thing, so the prospect of setting things up manually is a little daunting. I guess things couldn’t get much worse though, so I’ll go ahead and see what happens. Thanks again!

    Tried the manual upgrade. It failed – mostly because the instructions on this site are way too confusing for anyone who is new to wordpress. I am sure it could be much more straight forward. Anyway, I finally had to do a reinstall of the old version from my hosting site and of course I lost all of my previous posts. I guess that’s a typical outcome for open source stuff like wordpress. It’s great, free, and supported by an enthusiastic group, but it is also a mine field and should never be depended on – especially by an average computer user like me. Live and learn.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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