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  • On my []website[/url] I was fiddling with the GoogleAds, trying to move them around on the left sidebar and set them up for the first time last night.

    The result was an explosion of little Â’s running down and littering my blog like space debris. One might think this is a very small problem, that I could simply go back and edit them out.

    This reveals a bigger problem. When I edited one of the posts, my entire blog entry was lost except for a few words. I press in the update post button, but it pretends all the rest of the text is missing and only updates about 12-15 words.

    Essentially, I can’t make anymore worthwhile blog posts anymore and I don’t know what could have caused these radioactive Â’s. Even if you don’t quite know, if someone could give me some guesses as to what this problem is caused by, then I can at least investigate it.

    I’ll be happy to elaborate on whatever questions are available.

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  • Weird, how were you going about fiddling with the google ads when this started?

    I was trying to add a third to the left panel, which failed. Then I tried to use the GoogleAd “Targeting” code in my blog lines, which is the most likely suspect. I removed it, and the result was an “A”xplotion.

    Get it?


    I just need at least some hints at what to look at.

    Sorry, I didn’t see your reply in here – looks like you got it. What did it end up being and what did you have to edit? I would have guessed a problem with encoding…

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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