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    Great plugin, but only works in chrome and FF.

    The issues I am seeing is that attachments do not show in IE8, and the “Add another” button doesn’t trigger a file open dialog. Instead, it shifts focus to the submit button.

    Can anyone verify that they have success using the attachments portion of this plugin on IE?


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  • Also tested not working on a different IE9 machine. Same symptoms.

    Disabled all other plugins, symptoms persist.

    Anyone have this working in IE?

    Success! This plugin is wired to detect and user silverlight for plupload. That is the source of the IE issues!

    I have stipped out all reference to silverlight on lines 45 and 52 of wp-user-frontend\lib\attachment.php.

    Here is my new attachment.php

    I hope the author sees this and issues a patch!
    Hope this helps someone else!

    The root cause of my issues above was that my webserver (IIS6) does not have the silverlight mimetypes registered. No need to strip silverlight. After registering the silverlight mimetypes on IIS6, I used the original code and everything works! Thanks.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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