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    Let me first say how excited I am by this plugin, which I’ve never used before but have long admired from afar. I’m eager to begin playing with the in-text citation features. But first, I want to get the basic library appearing properly on-screen.

    Running WP 3.5 and Zotpress 5.0.4, I’m trying to display a group library on a Page. With help from other forum entries, I successfully added the group account by entering the groupID in the User ID space on the Zotpress account screen; I then imported the library, which currently has 15 items in it. These 15 items show up correctly on Zotpress Browse. (The links to sub-collections do seem to be thrown off by our local WPMU subsite structure, such that they try to access a library at the root page rather than my individual site, but when I correct the URL the sources are all where they should be.)

    However, when I enter the shortcode [zotpress userid=”%myuserid%” sortby=”author”] on a page, I get far more than 15 items. Some of them appear to be attachments, such as notes, that have floated free from their parent sources; others appear to be api query links, of the form (though now that I look at the xml output, maybe that’s also an attached file).

    You can see this happening at

    I’ve searched the forum, and I can’t find any other reports of this behavior, at least not on a recent version of Zotpress. It’s not the sortby, because it also happens when I remove that. I’ve tried re-syncing and clearing the cache, re-importing and clearing the cache, and nothing’s changed. (In fact, even after the resync it’s still showing a source that I’d removed from the group library in Zotero.)

    Any guesses?

    Many thanks in advance,

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  • Plugin Author Katie


    I think this is expected behaviour — what happens when you add in the datatype attribute, e.g. datatype=”items” ?

    No change, as far as I can tell, from adding datatype=”items”.

    Next I tried displaying just one collection, using the syntax on the help screen and a collection ID from the Browse screen, and the bibliography came up empty. Does that suggest an incorrect setting somewhere? In making the private key, I unchecked all the personal library options, and set the group option to Read/Write.

    When you say it’s expected behavior, do you mean the part about the attachments, or the part about the api links?

    Plugin Author Katie


    Nope, the API links are definitely bizarre. Could you contact me privately about this? I’ll have to take a look.

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