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  • hello wordpress community 😉

    i got an issue with the image attachment feature of worpdress. i’m running a multi site setup with a few sites / domains all using the same installation.

    ok … if you go there for example ->

    Whale Shark Spectacle at Sail Rock

    you see a picture of a whale shark. if you click on the pic you will be send to the attachment page ->

    Whale Shark Sailrock

    which works perfectly fine!

    BUT … if you go to that page, another site on the same multi site install ->


    and click on any image in the content area, e.g.

    Klinikclowns Lachen ist die beste Medizin

    the image is also inserted into the post via the ‘attachment’ option …

    i do get an apache 301 status error permanently removed in the web server log! and then gets redirected to the image file url ->

    so … the attachment page doesn’t work here ;-( which makes me sort of sad as i don’t know why ;-( could anyone please help 😉

    it’s the same wordpress installation. both sites use the same permalinks structure, access the same rewrite rules in the .htaccess file … but on one site it works … and on another site it doesn’t ;-(

    can someone please guide me towards the right direction to fix this issue as i would really like to get this attachment feature working.

    as any file or directory which doesn’t exist will be rewritten via mod_rewrite and then send over to the index.php page i think there might be something wrong with the wordpress rewrite rules in the ‘options’ table? probably an internal wordpress rewrite rule doesn’t catch and therefore i do get the 301 http status code error?

    sadly i’m not a wordpress expert but some expert here might perhaps be able to send me in the right direction? any tips? any recommendation?

    your help is more than appreciated 😉

    thanks & all the best

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