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  • Actually they need to be fixed in 3.1.3 too but anyway.

    What’s going on
    When you create a blog post and you attach a couple of pictures and link those to their respective attachment pages some strange things happen.

    #1 – it shows up as /?attachment_id in the attachment menu and gets pasted to your post as /?attachment_id.

    Yes I know it gets converted to REAL permalink structure when you hit post… I just wanted to point out that could be improved but it gets worse, read on.

    #2 – IF you are attaching an image to an EXISTING article it will show up with the REAL permalink right away from the attachment menu.

    Yes, I know, as it should be, read on.

    #3 – IF you don’t like seeing class=”attachment-post-thumbnail wp-post-image” appended to your EXISTING blog post you can delete it, and you should since that’s useless gibberish not in your stylesheet anyway.

    Almost there…

    #4 – IF you don’t like seeing class=”attachment-post-thumbnail wp-post-image” appended to your NEW blog post you CANNOT delete it because if you do it will NOT get your permalink appended. It will remain /?attachment_id as the url.

    That’s a really confusing set of different things going on. It makes you wonder if you’ve got .htaccess problems or a bad plugin or…

    #4 however is a big one. You MUST leave the useless class information in your attachment link or else you CANNOT have a pretty permalink with that attachment. There has to be a better way.

    Please fix this in an upcoming release, especially #4. I’m having to go back and edit EVERY single post to remove all of those pointless tags after I publish every post because I don’t want them assigned that class (my plugin assigns a different one and 2 classes per image is silly).

    thanks for listening.

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  • to be clear – wordpress needs to see class=”attachment-post-thumbnail wp-post-image” in your image markup if you want it to convert into on NEW posts. If you delete it, which you may be tempted to do since it’s not a real class on most themes, you will be stuck with /?attachment_id as a permalink from your images.


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