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  • I’ve been testing out the gallery functions and I’m really impressed with them generally.

    I have one problem – when I click on a thumbnail in a post, it goes to an attachment page – the image displayed there isn’t the medium size one that is ‘crunched’ when the photo was uploaded, but the original size one, but with HTML tags used to shrink it down.

    This doesn’t look very nice and it seems a shame to not use the re-sized image that was created at upload time.

    I’ve tried to look where the code for that decision is made so that I can make that medium image appear.

    Any ideas?

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  • I also have this question.

    Oddly, on ONE of our sites the images in [gallery] link directly to the largest (original) image…

    Yet on another, they link to the “attachment” page with the medium image

    These are on different hosting environments, that’s the only difference that immediately comes to mind. Otherwise using the same theme, both using the same lightbox plugin…

    I’m trying to figure out the difference right now, so if I do, I’ll certainly post results, in the meantime… anyone else have ideas?


    This should provide you some help:

    I’ve used some suggestions from this thread to correct the links with my 2nd example to go to the main image. I’m not sure this is the BEST solution though, as it will then alter links to other types of attachments in the future, so I’d be interested if anyone has better ideas/solutions for this specific issue (linking directly to original images).


    there is still oddness going on, as you will notice on my first example, the “captions” still link to the attachment page, while on my second example, the “captions” don’t link at all…. ?

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