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    Hey there,

    I love the format and simplicity of your plugin, thank you!
    I’m a musician and use the tool for my upcoming shows:

    Is there some way that the Attachment (usually a JPEG) can be clickable to take the user to the URL?

    I also have no luck displaying the calendar on iPhone etc. Would love to have the calendar view at the top, with list view below.

    A way to display a full history of “Completed Gigs” in descending order would be a great addition eventually… there’s another Topic thread regarding that already.

    Also, integration to a Google Map displaying locations of upcoming & previous events would be a dream.

    Thanks again for creating this plugin!

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Thanks for your feedback. (I’m also a musician and I’ve been handling our gig calendar in a different way, but now I’m wondering why I’m not using this myself!)

    I can look into the possibility of making the image clickable. Technically it’s not difficult at all; I just need to think through the implications to make sure I’m not adding something that would be undesirable for other users.

    Regarding the phone, the layout you’re describing sounds a lot like one of the additional views I’m planning to add to the pro version which I hope to have available within the next 2-3 months.

    The gig history… an interesting idea. I’m not entirely sure that would be feasible with this plugin as it’s currently structured because past events do eventually drop out of the ICS feed (depending on the server’s settings) and the plugin doesn’t actually import any of the calendar data into WordPress. Once it’s out of the feed, it’s gone. But that might be a feature I should consider for the pro version as well.

    P.S. I like your ambigram! 😀

    Hey there,
    Awesome! Thanks so much for the reply.

    May I check out your gig calendar? I went through a few plugins before finding yours, and while I appreciate how data-rich they can be, I didn’t see the need to spend 10 minutes filling out forms just for 1 show. Plus I already use iCal religiously, so again your plugin was is just perfect.

    I’m super new to WordPress, so forgive me if I am using incorrect terminology – but I liked the ability to customize the shortcode in the user guide; perhaps making the image clickable could be something like imageclickable=”yes” target=”URL_GOES_HERE” – I don’t know if that is valid code at all, haha. You’re right that it is probably best to have that as an option, not a default, so it isn’t undesirable to other users.

    I will absolutely keep my eye out for the Pro Version! Count me in.

    For the gig history, this just comes from me being an archivist. I have my gig history saved from like… the year 2004. So a menu by year, showing # of events, and a corresponding Google map… would be super cool. I’d imagine that this would require that items from the ICS feed would have to be copied onto an external document on expiration, or else inputted directly into that document.

    Thanks again for your great work and hey, if you’d like me to take a shot at designing an ambigram for you, let me know. Thank you!

    Peace, Dave

    Plugin Author room34


    Probably best to take this conversation out of the WP support forums… they have a tendency to lock threads that get too far off the topic of direct support for free plugins.

    There’s a support email link on the plugin’s admin page you can use. Thanks!

    OK, gotcha. I will email instead. Thanks!

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