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  • I’ve scoured google and the forums but have been unable to find the code necessary to link a full size image on the attachment page back to the homepage. I am new to this and and somewhat retarded.

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  • Let me start with a few questions..

    Do you mean you are trying to attach a full sized image to your post, meaning that the image you upload is full-sized when your post is published to the main blog section?

    Are you using WordPress 2.5?

    I’m using 2.5

    I upload image(s) to a post as a thumbnail and link it to a page. Ideally I would want the image to show up on that page full sized and be linked back to my homepage.

    If you click the little picture next to where it says “Add Media:”, you can select the “Full Size” radio button and then specify your link URL. Once you’ve done that, you can “Insert into Post” to complete. This should display a full sized image that links to where you specified.

    I was thinking something different.

    You upload a picture as a thumbnail or full size as you said into a post which then gets published onto your main blog, which you can change the link to.

    When you click on that thumbnail picture on your blog it then goes to an attachment page that is blank and has just that picture. I was wondering how to make that image on the blank attachment page full size and have it linked back to the homepage. By editing the attachment.php page.

    Well, if you were interested in manually editing the attachment.php page for one graphic, you could do something like the following in that attachment.php page:

    “< a href=”” > img src=”/yourpic.jpg” < /a >”

    With this solution though, you’d need to edit the attachment.php page manually, and you’d need a fresh attachment page for each image you use.

    If you are just interested in opening the image full size in a new window you might want to check out some of the image plugins available. I’m using Vivtiger Image Resizer to allow users to resize their thumbnails. It has options to link to larger images, and whether you want those links to open in new windows. This would allow the user to close the full-size image window and thus return to your blog once they are done viewing.

    Is there a way to change the code so it does that every time an image is shown on an attachment page.

    Any suggestions for the proper lingo to use for researching this?

    Well, the best I could suggest would be to research a WordPress plugin that automatically generates the linked page the way you want it to. I’ve not come across such a thing in my plugin searches, but I wasn’t specially looking for it. You might be able to find one that will do what you need it to.

    We’ve kept this topic at the top, though. So perhaps someone will see it that knows of such a plug-in right off. 🙂

    Was looking for something similar


    When ever u click any pic it shows this … a separate page with ads and also the full image

    How can i do this when ever i post any image it automatically do this

    can u pls help me what and where to edit

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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