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  • For the past 10+ years, I have inserted images into my blog and they were always inserts as CENTERED, MEDIUM 450 pix wide, and LINK Media as the default! Perfect!

    A week ago all of a suddend when I upload an images it wants to insert the image as NO ALIGNMENT, Small (300 px wide), and NO LINK?

    I have attempted to search the system for a place to “reset” the defaults for image insertions and no luck.

    How can I set the ATTACHMENT DISPLAY SETTING back to where they were for the past ten years?

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  • Are you wanting to do this in PHP or from a user-standpoint / as a plugin? There’s probably some simple PHP you could put in place to override the WordPress default options. Of course, this won’t retroactively update any images that are misaligned but it would set default for the future.

    Thank you… My real issue is WHY did my system change from being what it has been for 12 years all of a sudden? It always was CENTERED, MEDIUM 450 pix wide, and LINK to MEDIA then all of a sudden it changed to NO CENTERING, SMALL 300 pix wide, and LINK to NONE?

    Since it did it (somehow), there ought to be a way to reset it back… No code was changed, no updates…. Just “happened”. So I was guessing there must be a settable default that I cannot find!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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