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    Thank you like the plugin thus far.

    If I set the action to show next image it shows the full image (worked before rc7) also when set to do nothing it links to the full image.

    Also I am getting extra title text above the image and the attachment page shows the large image plus a thumbnail (medium really but) above the description text?

    I am using the 2012 templates but they are modified slightly form my Genesis theme. What I see is..

    h1 title
    next prev links
    title text again (plain text)
    large image
    medium sized image (the same image)
    description text
    exif (if on)
    post meta

    This is ok but if I have a portrait image the extra title and caption sit on top of each other as the image is centered.

    I have no idea why the_content is showing me the extra smaller image.
    Maybe its my theme but I can’t see how.

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  • Plugin Author Marcel Brinkkemper


    This is a known issue. The templates have been fixed in trunk.

    Sorry I thought I read through most posts here.

    Seems the same with this version 0.1.0-RC-8-241?

    Plugin Author Marcel Brinkkemper


    You have to copy the new eazyest-image.php and change that to fit your theme.

    I did changed everything in all templates to be sure (functions too). I keep digging around…

    Plugin Author Marcel Brinkkemper


    I’ll test it on my server BBL

    If the setting is theme default the next prev links work (clicking the image). But if set to do nothing it links to full image.

    I got rid of the extra image in the_content(); doing this.

    <?php $content = get_the_content();
           $postOutput = preg_replace('/<img[^>]+./','', $content);
           echo $postOutput;
         //the_content(); ?>

    But I can not find where the text above the image (on attachment page) is coming from. It is the title text and is output in the html like this.

    <div class="entry-attachment">
    <div class="attachment">
    <a rel="attachment" title="" href=".../gallery/fall/imgp0183/">


    How can I stop that text output?

    So I changed ' . the_title_attribute() . ' to this ' .the_title_attribute('echo=0') . ' from the below and that got rid of the extra text. Also FYI this bit did not output the title to the html href. But now it does.

    $next_link = ezg_add_popup( '<a href="' . $next_attachment_url . '" title="' . the_title_attribute() . '" rel="attachment">', $post->ID ) . wp_get_attachment_image( $post->ID, $attachment_size ) . '</a>';

    What does ezg_add_popup do? I do not get any popup or info? Is it just the link function.

    Plugin Author Marcel Brinkkemper


    The ezg_add_popup processes the link and adds popup markup if needed.

    Plugin Author Marcel Brinkkemper


    Changed the code, thank you for looking into this.

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