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    hello again,

    A question about the ‘Attached to’ column of Media Library Assistant.

    After I upload a media item and insert it as the Featured Image (post thumbnail) for a wp post, that post is then listed under the Attached to column for the media item in MLA.

    For other media items I upload and insert into the post using the Gutenberg Image block, or in an MLA Gallery shortcode, these are listed as ‘(Unattached)’

    Is it worth using the functionality in MLA to select the parent and choose the post manually where I inserted the media item to update it? When a user does an image search does Google then have the ability to link to the specific URL of the post on my site where the image is included in the content, rather than simply linking directly to the image (which may be of less value)?


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  • Plugin Author David Lingren


    Thanks for your question and the Google search context.

    The WordPress “attached to”/”parent” notion goes back to the very early days of WordPress and was largely made obsolete in WP version 3.5, which introduced the new Media Manager and the ids= parameter for the [gallery] shortcode. Some themes, plugins and applications still use the “parent” information but its support in WordPress itself is uneven. For example, when an image is set as the Featured Image for a post/page it is not always “attached” to that post/page.

    I must confess I have no idea how Google performs image searches, but I think it is extremely unlikely their algorithm makes any use of the WordPress “attached to” information. I’m confident Google makes use of the URL for the web page that includes the image, but I would guess that it’s based on the URLs alone, not the WordPress post ID values embedded in the markup.

    I am marking this topic resolved because your question has been answered to the best of my knowledge. Thanks for an interesting question.

    Regarding Google and its reading of gallery shortcode, I asked Belcovio, author of the Justified Image Grid plugin the following,

    I am going to use jig galleries for any usage of an image in my articles posts, even when there’s just one image to show; instead of inserting into post body normally using wp media add feature etc. So I would like to know does Google access the image(s) from the shortcode easily for a users image search result?, so they can be used by searches and ultimately seen.

    His response,

    It can see them yes. If you have Yoast SEO plugin, they are also added to the xml sitemap.

    In case anyone would like to know. I mentioned JIG galleries but it takes over existing MLA galleries for the display.


    Also thanks for the explanation of the ‘attached to’ functionality. I can safely leave this alone now,

    Plugin Author David Lingren


    Thanks for sharing your exchange with Belcovio and adding it to this topic so others can benefit. JIG is a great plugin with good support.

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