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  • Hi I am new to wordpress and so far have had fun setting things up. A few questions-
    1.) regarding rss feed updates: do I have to do updates somehow or does word press automatically do it for me?
    2.) feed validator: I visited and entered my rss feed address. I got the following an Http Error and explanations given:
    -Your feed couldn’t be validated because there was a problem downloading it from the web server. You should try to diagnose this using a web browser, and make sure that the URL you supplied resolves to an accessible file.
    -This usually means that the URL was wrong, or that permissions on the server don’t allow us to fetch that file. The error shows the message that the server sent, which may help
    my address feed is:
    What is wrong here? How to fix?
    3.) How do I add an atom feed and is important to have the older feed versions of rss available on my blog?
    thank you,

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  • Thank you so much! Like I said I am new to this and just learning about rss. The reading content is overwhelming at first, not to mention getting through the blog setup. I started off installing nucleus and spent a entire day with it. I was doing pretty good but I installed a nucleus version template of cmsblog and the comment code did not work (I got a 404). I tried to get help on the forums and they directed me to blogcms forums . I could not get a pw to post so I finally decided it was time to move on . I uninstalled Nucleus and installed WordPress 1.2.1. Boy what a difference! The admin is so much easier to get around. I was up and running in hours and now can spend time studying rss, how to work my blog, and fine tuning things. Thank you for being so nice and answering my questions without making me feel stupid like other blog forums do.

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    No trouble! And welcome to WordPress! ^_-

    my atom feed is not recognized by IE or Netscape. Makes you download the feed. How do I fix this? thank you!

    Here is a post about this topic from along time ago but sure would be helpf ul if someone could update the status of this

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